Every blog needs a beginning

My name is Sadie. I’m 26 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Doug who is 27 and our poodle puppy Arnold.

Doug and I have been trying to start a family since the beginning of the year, but something just isn’t right. For starters OPK’s don’t work for me. If I pee on an OPK 20 days in a row I’ll get a positive result 20 days in a row. Obviously this is impossible – you can’t just keep ovulating indefinitely. Plus….I’m still not pregnant!

We have been to see three different GPs who have basically told us we’re too young and haven’t been trying long enough to be concerned that we aren’t getting results. This is despite the fact I’ve already been diagnosed with a few different conditions which cause infertility  (which I’ll outline in later posts).

I have started this blog because I’m tired and frustrated by the lack of resources available on the internet specifically targeted to young people suffering through infertility. It’s even more frustrating that I couldn’t find any blogs dedicated to infertility in your 20s. If another young and infertile person stumbles across this blog and feels less alone then this will all be worthwhile for me.

Stay tuned for more posts.


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