Conception hurdle three: irregular cycles

The simplest of my conception hurdles is my irregular cycles. I’ve never had a regular cycle in my life when I’ve been off the contraceptive pill.

Before going on the pill at 14 years of age my cycle was all over the place. I would have my period for anywhere between 12 to 18 days, then go any number of weeks or months before I got my period again.

I’ve been off the pill for several months now. My cycles to date have been 8 days, 13 days, 34 days, 12 days, 55 days and I’m currently on day 26 of my current cycle.

Absolutely nothing about my cycles make sense and it makes it extremely hard to track anything like ovulation, when my period is due or anything else.

A common and annoying problem that just adds to my misery when all my other conception hurdles are piled on top of it.


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