Not convinced

Well the naturopath wasn’t what I imagined it would be. Or actually, maybe it was exactly what I imagined? I’m a very pragmatic person and I’m not into eastern medicine. I am….a non believer.

The naturopath’s office was all decked out in calming colours, relaxation music was pumped into every room in the clinic and incense was burning at the reception desk. The naturopath reckons she can not only get my cycles regular again, she can also reduce my cramps associated with endometriosis. She gave me 11 different tablets to take (seriously!) and some herbal concoction I’m supposed to drink twice a day.

I took the herbal drink into work, poured it into a medicine cup and took my first dose at my desk around 11am yesterday morning. As soon as the liquid hit the back of my throat I gagged and threw up not only the herbs but also my breakfast. Thankfully I was quick enough to swivel around in my chair and aim for my rubbish bin. Everyone who sits in my area burst out laughing they thought it was the best thing they’d ever seen. I can’t even describe to you how disgusting that herbal stuff tastes. I’ve tried 3 more doses and vomited 3 more times. It just triggers my gag reflex! I’m trying to drink it in juice and it’s still not helping.

I’ll try to stick with it until our appointment with the specialist in a few weeks. But I’m not too sure if this herbal stuff is for me…….



What do you think?

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