Hospital day

I’m updating from the hospital. I’m sitting in the waiting room, well…..waiting.

I’m so relieved and excited and nervous at once. Finally we’re doing something! Our baby journey is starting in earnest today, a year since we started trying to conceive.

I’m having the surgery at a small private hospital and everyone has been really nice and efficient. Ironically, my mother is here with me instead of my husband because he actually does have a big meeting at work today. I’ve told my boss that I’m having surgery, but not explained why. I’ve also told my mother the truth about why I’m having the surgery, but everyone else in both our families is still in the dark. I need it to be that way otherwise I won’t cope with their constant well wishes and questions.

My mother has been great and super supportive. I’m really glad that I have her to rely on now as well as my husband, because it takes the pressure off him a little.

My surgery is at 2.30pm so I have a few hours to wait. I’m fasting so I’m really hungry. I’m not even allowed to have water and the nurses are concerned I’m going to get too dehydrated in the air conditioning.

Last time I had this surgery I can remember sobbing while they were prepping me because I was so nervous. I feel a lot calmer today and I don’t think there will be any tears. I am determined to get through this with a positive attitude.

I suppose there’s nothing else to do now except keep waiting…..


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