Home from the hospital and feeling extremely sore and sorry for myself.

I ended up only having to stay in overnight which is great. My mother has brought me back to stay at her place because Doug had to go to work again today and I need someone to look after me. Unfortunately it’s swelteringly hot and that isn’t helping me. I’m trying to stay really hydrated but I’m feeling so poorly I don’t want to eat or drink much.

Arnold (our dog) is here at my mum’s house too and is running around the house like a crazy poodle. At least someone is happy with their lot in life!

The surgery went well. The doctor removed endometriosis and treated the cysts on my ovaries. Unfortunately, he also discovered my right fallopian tube is blocked and my left is partially blocked. This means that IUI won’t work for us and our only option is IVF. I feel devastated by this development.

I keep on saying to Doug and my mother “if this was happening even 30 years ago, I just wouldn’t ever be able to have children” and I know it’s true. I feel like maybe I’m not supposed to be a mother. Isn’t that why my body has created all these obstacles for me? Because I’m not ever supposed to actually have a child? My mum says if that’s the case I wouldn’t have been born in an age where technology is advanced enough to give us the chance to have children. I’ve been born now and not 30 years ago because I am supposed to be a mother. I hope she is right.



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