I had to go back to the specialist today because one of the wounds from my surgery has become infected.

I can’t even describe the level of pain I’ve been experiencing. It’s worse than the day I came home from the hospital when the pain medication wore off for the first time and everything was fresh. If I move quickly I almost burst into tears and sliding my skirt or pants off when I go to the bathroom or have a shower feels like I’m being stabbed. I literally double over in pain and have to stay there for about fifteen minutes until the pain slowly dissipates.

The specialist has given me antibiotics to clear up the infection and hopefully they start to work soon because the exciting news is WE HAVE SET THE DATES FOR OUR FIRST ROUND OF IVF!!!

We have to give my wounds a while longer to heal, and then on 31st January we’ll be having our first appointment with the nurse at the IVF clinic in the city. We’ll go over my treatment plan and medications then.

For now, I need to give myself a week to clear up my infection and then I’m starting on a course of ralovera tablets. Ralovera works in a similar way to progesterone and these tablets are usually given to menopausal women as part of hormone replacement therapy. They’re being used in my case because my cycle is irregular. I will take two tablets a day for 7 days then hopefully a few days after that I’ll start to bleed. Once I’m bleeding IVF can begin.

I’m so excited!! Just bummed that I have to wait this long. Waiting, waiting, waiting…….this whole thing is just an awful waiting game. I just want to start the cycle!!!!


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