Aunt Flo pays a visit


It took five days off the ralovera for my period to arrive. I was honestly becoming so depressed as I thought was going to have to do a second course of the medication. I know it’s silly but I’m so hypersensitive at the moment and I’d almost given up.

So you can imagine my surprise when I went to the bathroom at work and realised I was bleeding. I was so happy I cried tears of joy in the cubicle! I rang the fertility clinic and they’re doing up my medication pack for me. I will go in and pick it up at 7.30am tomorrow morning (yay for getting up before 6am…)

I wanted to send Doug in to collect the pack, but the nurse is insistent she wants to see me again and make sure I understand how to inject the needles. I don’t know why she is bothering, we’ve already decided Doug is going to be the one to inject.

In other news, the new girl at work made a startling confession to me in the staff room. She admitted last year they found she had early stage cervical cancer and was worried about her fertility later in life. She’s the same age as me. It’s so easy to become isolated and assume you’re the only one with fertility problems. It’s a reality check to hear your own fears repeated back to you by others. Luckily for her they caught the cancer so early she didn’t even need chemotherapy and the doctors believe her fertility hasn’t been affected at all.

Of course after having that discussion I then felt the need to let her in on my little IVF secret. I actually think it’ll be a good thing having someone at work know what I’m going through. She won’t tell anyone because she doesn’t want anyone to know about her cervical cancer stuff (what’s that called? collateral damage?) and I know she’ll be able to cover for me if I have to take time off to go to appointments.

I’ve also told my brother about the IVF. Apparently I’m not good at this secret squirrel business. He lives over 1200km away and we never see each other but we talk most days via text or phone. He works in the medical profession so he’s brought another perspective to my support network. He’s interested in the medications they’re giving me and is jealous he isn’t home in Melbourne to administer my nightly injections (seriously!) but I promised if he comes to visit he’s more than welcome to the honour.

Best get to sleep. I need to be up super early for my visit to the hospital. Yay! So happy!


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