My green cooler bag

I have my medication! It’s sitting in my fridge now. Just ready to be used……

I want to start the injections tonight but I have to wait until tomorrow to officially begin. This might be the hardest wait of them all!! I’m practically bouncing off the walls I’m so excited!

attach2my medications!

After I picked up the medication from the hospital I had to take it to work with me and hide it in the staff room fridge. Thankfully the clinic gave it to me in an inconspicuous looking lunch cooler bag and packed it with ice bricks.

I was really nervous sitting at my desk all day hoping someone wouldn’t grab the cooler bag from the fridge, thinking it was theirs by mistake. But in reality when would that ever happen?

I can’t believe if everything goes to plan in just a month I’ll be pregnant!

The future looks bright for the first time in a long time.



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