IVF day 2

Dramas already!! I’m trouble prone I tell you.

We went to my mother’s house for dinner tonight. I was super excited because it meant Doug could administer the Gonal-F injection and my mother could take photos of the procedure.

I carefully packed my green cooler bag with ice bricks and the epi-pen then we set off in the car at about 5.30pm.

6.35pm rolled around and I called Doug out of the den where he was watching football with my father.

“Time to set up for the injection!” I said excitedly. “Ten more minutes!”

“Ok I’m on it!” Doug replied, going to the kitchen fridge to fetch the cooler bag.

He set it down on the bench, unzipped it, pulled out the epi-pen, then slowly turned to look at me.

“Sadie where is the needle?” he asked ominously.

“Um? In the bag?” I frowned, motioning at the epi-pen he was holding in his hand.

“No darling this is the medication. You need to attach a new, sterile needle every time we do a new injection. There’s no needle in here!”

There was a long, awkward pause while we stared at each other not knowing what to do. The injections had to be given at the same time every night. We simply had to get it done. We both turned our heads to look at the car keys sitting beside the fruit bowl. I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

“Mum!” I shouted. “We have to go home!”

Suddenly I was racing around the house trying to find my shoes.

“But why!” my mother gasped, coming into the room. “The roast is still in the oven!”

“I know!” I said, rushing out the front door. “We’ll be back soon.”

Thankfully my parents only live ten to fifteen minutes away from our house, so we weren’t going to be too far behind schedule as long as the traffic was ok. I spent the whole drive home apologising profusely to Doug for my stupid mistake. I hadn’t even realised the needle wasn’t attached to the epi-pen.

“It’s ok darling.” Doug assured me. “We’re just starting out and it’s an easy mistake to make!”

We pulled up outside our house, rushed inside and grabbed the needle from the packet. Without thinking I lifted my shirt while Doug  attached the needle to the epi-pen and then pushed the needle into my skin of my stomach. We were both stressed, rushed and panicked. This time the needle definitely hurt.

But I have no one to blame but myself!

Still hoping to get photos tomorrow when we do our injections! Maybe third time lucky??? 😉


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