IVF day 4

Well I’ve been on the injections for a few days now and my body is definitely starting to feel the effects.

I had to call the nurse at the fertility clinic today because I was concerned that my symptoms are abnormal. Something I’m learning about fertility treatment is that everyone has a different version of normal, so very little that can happen to you is actually considered abnormal.

So what are my symptoms? Well I’ve actually been in a fair bit of pain. I’ve been extremely tired (even more tired than I was when I took the ralovera), bloated and cramping like I’m having a heavy period, emotional and I have a weird heavy sensation in my pelvis when I walk.

The nurse reassured me that all of those symptoms were fine to be experiencing. She explained that my ovaries are usually the size of walnuts, but by the end of next week when I’m fully stimulated and ready for my egg pick-up my ovaries will be the size of large oranges. My bloating, cramping and the heavy sensation are all a result of my expanding ovaries.

It’s kind of freaky when you think about it. We’re all accustomed to the concept of our bellies expanding to make room for our growing uterus when we have a life inside of us. But I don’t really think anyone can be prepared for the strange reality that your belly is expanding to make room for your growing ovaries.

The good news is that I’m coping really well with the injections. I only have a few very small bruises at the injection sites. I’ve also picked up a helpful tip. Once the injection is complete I massage that area of my tummy for about ten minutes. Supposedly it helps to disperse the Gonal-F more efficiently. It can’t hurt, right?

I have quite a few good tips I’ve come across actually. I think I will write a page dedicated to the IVF process. A step-by-step guide to assist women understand exactly what will happen before it happens, and what to avoid along the way.

Tomorrow night I start my orgalutran injections. Two injections a day, oh my! I’ll let you know how I go.


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