IVF day 7

I had the first scan of my cycle at the doctor’s office this morning.

Did I mention that when you have fertility treatment you have to endure a lot of invasive procedures? This includes extremely regular internal ultrasounds.

Anyway the scan this morning didn’t go great. Doug had to work across town so I went by myself to the fertility clinic, which somehow made it worse.

The doctor said even though I have a lot of eggs in each ovary (which makes sense because tests showed I have a very high ovarian reserve) none of them are growing like they need to be. I’ve had virtually no growth at all.

I can’t understand how this is the case! I’m ridiculously bloated, I feel like I have a melon under my skin on both my left and right sides, I’m tired, I’m sore, I’m crampy and I’ve put on 3kg in the last eight days!!

The doctor said sometimes this is just what happens to women who have polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. He said it’s hard to get the balance right to treat both conditions and get the ovaries working efficiently.

We’ve increased my dose to 125iu of Gonal-F and I’ll come back to the clinic in four days for another scan.

He also said there’s nothing I can do about the burning caused by the orgalutran shots and I just need to keep using it.

I’m finding an ice pack on the injection site for about 10-15 minutes after it is administered helps immensely. Apparently cold isn’t ideal but it’s better for my ovaries than heat and it sure seems to take the agony away quicker.

I feel awful that all this suffering over the past week has seemingly been for nothing. Come on and grow little eggies! I’m counting on you!!


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