IVF day 10

I told my boss at work today that I’m going through IVF.

We have a quarterly performance interview (standard procedure at the university – not because I’m a poor performer) and she confessed she might be away from work a lot because her sister is dying of cancer. So I also confessed I might be away a lot in the future because of my treatment.

It felt like a huge relief to come clean. Now I won’t need to lie about where I’m going if I have clinic appointments during the day. She was very understanding and said family is more important than work and I simply have to try IVF, even if it doesn’t work out.

In other news it’s now apparent I’m not great at keeping secrets…….

I have now told nine people we are going through IVF.

    My mother
    My younger brother Alex
    Doug’s mum Kate and stepdad John
    Doug’s dad Will and stepmum Mary
    My cousin and close friend Phoebe
    My work colleague Liv (the one who had cancer)
    And now my boss!

I think it’s actually worked out well this way. I now have great support networks set up in both our families and my workplace. This is exactly how it needs to be.

We still haven’t told Doug’s sister Jess. I guess that will need to be done sooner rather than later because she keeps texting me stuff about her pregnancy and it’s starting to drive me crazy.


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