IVF day 11

Today was the dreaded scan day.

Once again Doug wasn’t able to make it and this time I was too scared to go alone.

I’ve been so emotional the past 24 hours. I’ve done my own research and also spoken to the nursing coordinator at the clinic. I know it’s not great to go past 14 days of stimming (which is IVF talk for injections). This is because IVF should mimic a natural cycle and women should have egg pick up around the time they should ovulate to ensure the eggs are neither immature nor over-ripe.I also know that healthy eggs should only grow around 2mm per day.

So I went to my appointment today knowing that if my ovaries hadn’t shown significant improvement there was a good chance this cycle would be cancelled.

Thankfully my amazing cousin Phoebe offered to drag herself out of bed on her day off work so she could attend my 7.30am appointment with me. Seriously, anyone I’m not married to who is willing to sit next to me while I get an internal ultrasound deserves a medal!

The results were poor again. My follicles have grown a little, but the biggest is still only measuring 6mm. We can’t go ahead with a pick up until most of the follicles are measuring 18-20mm each. I was devastated and had to fight to hold back tears.

But then my doctor said something very interesting. He said not to worry because he can stim me for up to 6 weeks before we need to end the cycle. He wants me to increase my Gonal-F dose to 150iu and come back again on Friday. I’m unsure about all of this because it’s contrary to everything I’ve previously read and been told.

I phoned Doug in the car as I drove into work after my appointment and he expressed the same doubt. He said he definitely wants to come to the appointment on Friday morning with me.

In the afternoon I popped up to the hospital to pick up more epi-pens and I sat down with the head fertility nurse.

I told her my worries regarding what my doctor had said this morning about staying on injections for 6 weeks, and she agreed with me. She said my doctor is the only doctor who works at the clinic who routinely stims patients past 14 days. But she also said when he does this he rarely gets good quality eggs. The way she kept pursing her lips and locking her jaw suggested that maybe they’ve had problems with my doctor in the past. It’s strange because up until this point he’s been great.

The nurse said she couldn’t tell us what to do, but if things haven’t dramatically turned around by Friday we should seriously consider pulling the plug on the cycle ourselves.

Tonight I’ve been depressed and emotional. I spent a long time talking over my concerns with Doug’s mother Kate on the phone. She was very patient and understanding and helped me work through my feelings.

I just want to bury my head in the sand until Friday, but I still have to go to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, these treatments don’t pay for themselves.


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