IVF day 14

It’s Friday. D-day. Scan day.

Doug was all fired up and ready to demand our cycle be cancelled before we set off in two separate cars to the doctor’s clinic.

It unnerved me a little and I spent the whole 40 minutes it took to drive there feeling angry and isolated. Doug was angry but not distraught at the idea of canceling the cycle. I didn’t understand why he wasn’t as upset as I was.

By the time I got to the clinic I was so nervous I could hardly speak. This was it. The end of my cycle. My dream of motherhood shattered for another few months at least.

The doctor called our name and set me up to get my internal ultrasound done straight away. While I was undressing I was shaking so much I couldn’t get my jacket to hang on the little hook behind the door. Doug had to help me get up onto the table and I was extremely glad he was there to hold my hand, even if I was a little upset with him.

“Ok!” the doctor said cheerily, inserting the probe. “All looking good. Let’s lock in a time for your egg pick up.”

“Wait, what?” I spluttered. “What do you mean?”

The doctor showed me I had around 10 follicles in each ovary measuring 18mm or more and it was all looking great.

The egg collection was promptly booked for 11.45am the following Monday. The doctor instructed me to keep stimming at 150iu tonight and tomorrow, then take the ovidrel trigger shot (which helps to move the eggs off the walls of the follicles so they’re easier to pick up) at precisely 11.45pm Saturday night as it took 36 hours to work.

I could hardly believe it. I felt like I was watching a movie of someone else’s life.

Doug and I were both quite speechless after we left the clinic. Neither of us could believe how quickly everything had turned around. Did I have 20 eggs ready to be collected? Had they been hiding this whole time?

I drove to work so very carefully. Every time I went over a bump I automatically clutched at my stomach. Be careful eggies! I kept on thinking.

The day went by so quickly and I’m hoping the weekend goes just as fast.

I’ve heard awful stories about women going into egg pick up but none of their follicles containing eggs. I’ve also heard in rare cases the ovidrel trigger shot works after 35 hours so by the time the doctor goes in to do pick up at 36 hours the eggs have already evacuated the building.

I just have to keep calm, think positive and believe that won’t happen to me.

Everything is going to be just fine and Monday is going to be a great day.


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