The nervous wait begins

I hardly slept last night. I could barely breathe. I’m incredibly bloated too.

The fertility clinic nurses are concerned this is the start of OHSS so I’m headed back to see my doctor today.

I’m trying to have lots of protein and drink Gatorade (the sodium is actually good for you in combating OHSS!) but I think I am starting to waddle like a duck which isn’t a good sign!

In better news, I spoke to the embryologist today. Of my 34 eggs 19 were mature and 11 fertilized! That’s great news! Better than the 7 Doug and I hoped for! We still have a whole cricket team haha.

They don’t pull them out of the incubators every day so it’ll be 48 hours until I get another update.

I almost feel like this wait is harder because it’s a process I’m not actually involved in. I can’t eat the right foods or take the right medications or do the right amount of exercise. This is entirely out of my hands. My little eggs are in the hands of scientists now, but even they can only do so much.

I just have to wait it out.


2 thoughts on “The nervous wait begins

  1. i endured this wait just a couple of weeks ago. hang in there. you’re right, there is nothing you can do but trust the experts that are caring for your someday babies. now you need to focus on yourself and get yourself healthy again. i have PCOS so OHSS was a concern for me. i had 13 eggs retrieved (i can’t believe you got 34!) congrats on the 11! we ended up with 5, day 5 blasts frozen and one day 5 fresh transfer πŸ™‚ gatorade for sure. drink constantly, all day! you’ll be forever on the toilet but it flushes you out. REST! REST! REST! sleep half the day if you need.
    good luck. i hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • All but one of my embryos ended up fragmenting badly and couldn’t be used. It was devastating to have so many eggs picked up and then watched my numbers dwindle down to one. Then I got really sick with OHSS. I wasn’t lucky at all! Hope you have more luck than I do πŸ™‚

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