FET eve

It’s just like Christmas eve, only better!

Tomorrow I’m getting my embryo transferred. My one little 6 day old blastocyst. My Nemo.

This afternoon we jumped the last hurdle prior to the transfer – the embryo thaw. Even though my little one was AA graded, there is always a small chance an embryo won’t survive the thaw. I kept my eye on my phone all day while I was at work, hoping that it wouldn’t ring. I didn’t want the clinic to call and tell me Nemo hadn’t made it. He/she was our only chance! But that phone stayed happily silent.

I’d hoped to keep the transfer a secret from everyone except my mother, who had kindly offered to replace Doug and hold my hand while I got the transfer. Doug unfortunately has a really important business event on during the day and won’t be able to make it. Doug also unfortunately told his family of the transfer so I got a whole bunch of good luck text messages from his mum and stepdad, dad and stepmum and sister Jess.

There are some tips on support forums for women going through embryo transfers (both fresh and frozen) and I’ve decided to follow some and not others.

Today I went to the naturopath on my lunch hour and got some acupuncture. I don’t necessarily believe in acupuncture, but scientific studies have suggested it might have a slightly positive effect on achieving a pregnancy.  Whilst more studies need to be conducted, I’m happy to try it out. It certainly won’t hurt the cause.

It is also suggested couples have sex either the night before or morning of an embryo transfer. The presence of the semen may help to prepare the environment for the embryo. This is one tip Doug and I have decided we definitely will not be following. As I said in my last post, I can’t even stand to put my own fingers near my cervix right now so I certainly won’t  be forcing Doug to go through that ordeal. Crinone gel is messy. Messy, messy, messy. Other women obviously have much weaker gag reflexes than I do. Or possibly their cervix doesn’t hold the crinone gel like mine does. Regardless, no sex for us!

Finally, there is huge debate about whether you should rest after an embryo transfer or move around straight afterwards. I’ve noticed particularly in the USA women are put onto strict bed rest for up to a week following a transfer. Sometimes it’s so strict they even use a bed pan instead of even getting up to go to the toilet.

I am firmly against bed rest after transfer and I’ll tell you why:

Several important studies have now been conducted in Australia and also overseas that show absolutely no correlation between bed rest and pregnancy success rates. You can find more information at this link: http://humrep.oxfordjournals.org/content/14/3/590.full or google it and you’ll find a heap of other websites with links to peer reviewed journal articles.

Not only does best rest have no positive influence on achieving pregnancy, scientists have now found that not resting after transfer may actually be the key to increasing success. Why?

  1. By getting up and moving around straight away, a woman is getting the blood flowing faster in her body. Keep the blood moving, keep the blood headed towards the uterus, keep the embryo safe and healthy, assist implantation. It makes logical sense, right?
  2. There are those who think if a woman stands up too soon after transfer, the embryo will simply “fall out” but this isn’t further from the truth. A uterus is like a piece of bread slathered in sticky strawberry jam and then folded in half. Once an embryo is there, it’s there.
  3. A woman’s uterus doesn’t work like most people think it does. It is “right way up” when a woman is standing, not lying down. So bed rest is actually counter intuitive. By staying upright, your uterus also stays upright so the embryo actually has less chance of slipping out of the uterus (if there ever was any at all).
  4. Lying in bed for extended periods of time is bad for a woman’s mental state. Anyone who is stuck in one place and restricting their movement for days at a time will end up feeling depressed. But lying there stressing about whether you’re pregnant is even worse! Getting up, moving around, and taking your mind off things will ensure better mental health and will ultimately be better for the embryo.

I cannot stress enough that women who spend a week lying in their beds stinky from not showering and grotty from using bed pans are wasting their time. Please do some research into this. There are so many scientific studies that prove moving around is much better for you.

*Ok I’m hopping off my soap box now*

I’ll be going to the clinic tomorrow at 8.30am, transfer is at 9am and should only take 5 or 10 minutes and then I’m off to have some more acupuncture at 9.30am. I’ll spend the rest of the day relaxing at home – relaxing is different to lying in bed! And then head back to work on Thursday.


What do you think?

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