A sickening development

Tomorrow is my official test day. I’ll get blood drawn first thing in the morning and by the afternoon they’ll tell me whether I’m pregnant.

Here’s the thing….

For the last 24 hours I’ve started getting awful cramps.

Initially I dismissed it as growing pains. My uterus starting to stretch and expand to fit my growing Nemo.

But this morning I took a home pregnancy test, and the little pink line was so faint I could hardly see it.

72 hours ago that line was dark and thick and beautiful.

I started to cry and tremble.

The rational side of my brain reminded me that there was a chance this particular pregnancy test was faulty. They don’t all have the same amount of pink dye in them. This one was just a dud. It was lying to me.

Everything was fine. Nemo was fine. It would all be ok.

My sister-in-law Jess is also having problems with her pregnancy. She has started bleeding. It isn’t a good sign for her. I confessed that I am pregnant and we are now worrying for each other, to try and relieve each others’ burdens.

Test day tomorrow.

Please hold on Nemo. Please hold on.

I need you. Daddy needs you. We both want you so very much.

Please just hold on.


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