Planning for the future

We had our second appointment with Doctor B on Monday and I got my test results back.

My MRI was all clear, which is fantastic news. That’s one less thing for us to worry about. I was very relieved.

My blood tests confirmed the blood work I had done prior to my first cycle of IVF – I’m still immune to everything I need to be immune to which is also good news. We also confirmed my blood is Rh-negative, and Doug’s is Rh-positive. That means I’ll need an injection of Rh immunoglobulin to prevent any harm to the baby once I’m pregnant.

My blood work also picked up that I’m still iron and vitamin d deficient, despite taking supplements for the past few months. Doctor B wants me to spend more time in the sun. This is something I generally try to actively avoid because I’ve got pale Irish skin and I burn in about 30 seconds in the hot Australian sun. But I’ll give it a shot. I’m willing to try anything. I’m also going to double my iron supplement intake.

My ultrasound showed my right ovary is 7cc and normal sized, but my left ovary is very large at 14cc. Both ovaries are covered in cysts. This, coupled with the blood work, officially confirm I have an uncommon type of PCOS that makes me completely anovulatory amongst other things. There really was just no way I was ever going to have a baby without medical intervention was there? Oh well at least I’ve finally got a formal diagnosis for what’s been long suspected.

I must admit I did find it quite ironic that my good ovary is blocked off by my bad Fallopian tube and my bad ovary is attached to my partially open tube. Always the way, right? Is my body trying to ‘ave a laff with me??

To manage my PCOS and reduce my chances of getting sick with OHSS again, the doctor is starting me on metformin tablets. One per day and then increasing to three per day once I can tolerate them. Apparently they’re going to make me very queasy.

Doctor B said based on my medical problems, IVF is definitely the only way I’ll ever be able to conceive (like we didn’t already realize!). She also said something which has really unnerved me. She said given my array of medical conditions and my family history, she expects I will need a “pelvic clearance” in around 5 years time. That means I’ll need my ovaries, tubes and uterus removed before I’m 32 years old.

Previously a doctor had told me I would need this done around my 30th birthday and I’d dismissed the idea as silly. But now a second doctor was saying the same thing. It was suddenly way too real.

I may as well be 38 years old right now. I only have a few years left. I can’t even believe I’m a few days past my 27th birthday and might lose all hope in just a few years. I’m well and truly on the countdown to never being able to have children. That idea really frightened me.

You know those women who give up on every having kids and then are surprised to find they’re pregnant at 45? That will never ever be me.

Doctor B did say she believes I will be able to have a child before I hit my 30s. She believes my chances are good because my uterus is still in mostly good condition. I need to just hold onto that hope. Believe in the power of positive thinking and all that jazz.

We have also decided upon a course of action for my next IVF cycle. We wanted to start straight away but Doctor B is going overseas for a month in June/July and given my past history of OHSS she wants to treat me personally during my cycle instead of passing my care off to her replacement doctor. It’s good that she’s taking my care so seriously but disappointing that we now have another wait ahead of us.

In early July I will start taking ralovera to bring on my period, and then we’ll start injections. Doctor B is back on the 15th of July so she will be here for my first scan. This is all based on the expectation that I won’t get a period between now and July.

I get periods a few times a year and they happen out of the blue. I won’t be starting IVF until day 85 of my cycle. I’m paranoid a period is going to come along and ruin everything. They have a tendency to turn up before day 80, or just when I really don’t want them.

I’m going to spend the month trying to lose some of the weight I’ve put on during fertility treatments over the past 6 months. I’m up to 74kg now which horrifies me and puts my BMI outside the healthy range. I think it’s important I do this now while I still can.

I’m starting at a new gym and going to see my personal trainer 3 times a week. I’m also trying to eat healthy, balanced meals. I’m not sure there is anything else I can do.

I’ll also be finishing up my final semester of my masters degree at the end of June. I’ll have a heap of exams and essays due and that will hopefully take my mind off the long wait!

In the meantime we’re going to do a mock embryo transfer next week. I don’t really see the point to be honest, but I’ll do anything this doctor says to try and have a baby. I’ll report back once it’s over and let you know if my opinion of trial transfers have changed.


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