A new cycle begins

I started on my new course of ralovera today. I’ll take two tablets per day for seven days, then hopefully a few days later start to bleed.

Finally I feel like the wait is over!

Unfortunately the weight isn’t over, and despite my best efforts I am still 74kg. I think I have to accept that I won’t be able to lose weight while I’m on all these medications. The most important thing is that I keep eating healthily, exercising regularly and taking my prenatal vitamins. I have to understand that whilst I can’t fit into my pretty dresses, and I feel self conscious about the fact I’m carrying an extra 10kg, I’m doing this to have a child. And a child would mean so much more to me than a few extra kilos on my hips and thighs.

The metformin tablets make me feel incredibly sick, and if I can’t lose weight while I’m barfing up my lunch I don’t think I’m going to lose weight at all right now. I get terrible stomach cramps every time I take a metformin tablet. Most days I take three tablets per day, some days I can only manage two. The nausea is fairly constant and just smelling certain foods makes me rush to the bathroom now. I figure this is good preparation for the fun times I’ll have when I’m actually pregnant. 😉

I’m feeling upbeat and calm at the moment. I’m handling this cycle so much better than I handled my first cycle. Finishing university last week really helped take my mind off the wait to start, and I know what to expect going forward so I won’t have too much anticipation about the unknown.

I will  hopefully start to bleed around the 10th of July, I will get my university grades back on the 12th of July (and find out if I can graduate!) and then Doctor B is back from her leave on the 15th. There’s lots of positives to look forward to. Just gotta keep on swimming in the right direction.


7 thoughts on “A new cycle begins

    • It’s awful isn’t it! When I got OHSS I put on 8kg (17.5 pounds) in less than a week and only ended up losing half of it. I feel so self conscious and none of my clothes fit but I know it’ll all be worth it in the end (hopefully…). Are you on metformin forever or just until you conceive?

      • Ugh…I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that was! I just had mild OHSS with my first IVF and it was awful. I agree about the clothes…even my loose jeans were skin tight! Mine only lasted a few days with drinking TONS of water and gatorade.

        I’m on met forever I guess. UGH. I’ve been on it about 2.5 yrs (was diagnosed with insulin resistance, but not PCOS). I’m heavy so I have to watch my level and avoid diabetes hopefully. I take the liquid form of it since I have trouble with big pills. It tastes even worse than it makes you feel! The nausea did get better but the “runs to the bathroom” still hit me almost every morning at 6am. I take 1500mg a day. What about you?

      • I’m on 1500mg per day as well but I take the tablets. The runs to the bathroom are definitely the worst part for me I feel like I can’t put food in my mouth at the moment without going to the bathroom 5 minutes later! Please tell me it gets better!!

      • Ugh….I have definitely been there! How long have you been on it? Mine has gotten better over time. Not as frequent or “severe”. I have started taking mine all at once or in 2 doses instead of 3. I take most of it right before bed. That has helped a lot with the nausea. Now I mostly just wake up around 6am and it’s over with shortly, LOL. Maybe you might try that? Although I know they say it’s better spread out but I just couldn’t handle it all day long.

      • I’ve only been on it since May. I take a tablet morning, noon and night. Might be an idea to try taking doses together that’s a good idea. Hopefully it will get better for me over time!!

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