Scraping the bottom

I’m currently hiding in the restroom at a wedding.

I am not coping very well. I suppose that’s obvious, right? I mean who updates their blog at a wedding?!

How did I get here? How did this become my life?

There’s a pregnant lady at our table. She’s knocking back glass after glass of champagne.

I swear it’s taking everything I have within me not to stand up and punch the champagne flute out of her hand.

She is at our table getting drunk, and I am hiding in a toilet cubicle with terrible period cramps absolutely miserable because our last cycle of fertility treatment failed.

This is a new low for me.


11 thoughts on “Scraping the bottom

  1. I know how impossible it feels to endure this. Women like her have no idea how lucky they are. And how women like us would kill for what they have. Hope you can get out of there soon!

  2. UGH. Bad enough being around pregnant arseholes, but when they purposely do things to jeopardize their stupid little miracle because they want to have fun?! GO to hell!

  3. oh sweetie. i’m sorry.
    drinking freely while pregnant… wow…now that’s a new one for me. disgusting.
    it’s hard at the time but i hope you find strength from every situation you are in. even when you feel you’re at your weakest, remember, you are the strongest person you will ever know.
    hang in there.

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