Fun times with pneumonia!

Here I was heralding my grand return to my blog, when I up and disappear again. But I do have a great excuse!

Only a few hours after posting my last update I started feeling ill again. My temperature spiked above 39 degrees (102 Fahrenheit) I started coughing and vomiting. And this time I was even more ill than ever. I felt like there was a weight pressing down on my chest and my wind pipe was being strangled. I could hardly swallow because of the lump in my throat. I thought I was dying. I kept sobbing that I couldn’t take a breath.

I was rushed back to the doctor who diagnosed strep throat and pneumonia. What a combination!

I managed to go back to work for a grand total of ONE DAY. I am now on unpaid leave because I’ve already exhausted all other forms of leave. I am basically bed ridden.

I have no idea what this means for my next cycle of IVF. I am still due to start my first FSH shot on 1 October and I can’t discuss my health with Doctor B because she is on vacation.

I’m hoping I’m finally on the mend now. Things can’t get worse, can they?!


12 thoughts on “Fun times with pneumonia!

  1. That sucks! I hate to say this, because I would be devastated by the idea of postponing IVF, but it’s probably best for you to sit out until you’re well again. (Please don’t throat punch me!) Pneumonia is no joke, and who knows how it will affect or be affected by the various IVF medications. Feel better soon!

  2. oh my goodness, you poor thing! That’s like a triple whammy of crap luck. But you know what that means – good things are coming to you! Take care of yourself, rest up, and I will be sending all healthy, happy, pregnant vibes your way. xo

  3. Just checking to see how you are doing. It’s been a while since an update and I wanted to check how you are feeling and how this cycle is going. Thinking of you ! B

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