Pre-beta insanity

You guys, I think I am legit going insane.

I know my beta is only 16 hours away, and I know I was cautioned by many of you not to read too much into pee stick results, but I just can’t take this anymore! My head is about to explode! The rational side of my brain knows this is silly, but the rational side of my brain is no longer in the drivers seat.

Late last night I decided on a whim to do another pregnancy test, as you do. It must have been almost 11pm. I hadn’t been to the bathroom since maybe 7pm but I had drunk 2.5 litres of water during the day so I was expecting nothing much to show up in the result window. I was shocked to get a much stronger positive than that morning. I was super happy, thinking maybe it wasn’t a chemical after all. But when I tested this morning at 7am the line was faded again! How can that be??

You can see in this photo the stark difference between the test I took last night and the test this morning…


But then I compared the test I took yesterday morning to the test this morning and it is nearly identical in strength (or lack of strength more like it) to the test this morning…


Is it possible that my evening urine has a stronger concentration of pregnancy hormone? Was the test from last night just a test that had too much dye? I am mindful that on Sunday I tested negative in the morning then received my first positive that night. Shouldn’t the tests be getting darker in the morning?? Not darker in the evening??

Also, my breasts aren’t very sore anymore. They’re still a little sore but I don’t wake up from pain if I roll over in the night anymore. Is that bad??

But on the other hand my sense of smell has lost the plot. Every little smell is getting right up my nose and making me feel ill. And this morning I had to rush to the bathroom and vomit for the first time. I have definitely felt queasy the past few days. Those are all good signs, am I right?

I know I just need to keep calm until my test tomorrow. But that’s easier said than done! I have lost the ability to keep calm.

Any pee stick experts out there care to analyse my tests and put me out of my misery?? Failing that, can anyone lend me a couple of Valium? Ha…ha…


13 thoughts on “Pre-beta insanity

  1. It’s definitely darker this morning than yesterday morning. As it shows right now you’re pregnant, so as hard as it it try not to read anymore into it until you’ve had r beta done. A positive is a positive, and it could be faint for a number of reasons.

    Got my fingers crossed for you, let us know what the beta results are!

  2. I think you’re okay you know! I have read on TONS of pregnancy boards of the line going up and down all the time! And it’s true, some women get stronger ones in the eve/afternoon testing. Hope the beta test shows the result you want. I read a post of a woman who went mental about testing every day and every time the line was fainter freaking out, then it would get stronger again. If the test line kept getting fainter and fainter, then I think that’s reasonable to be concerned – but it’s gone up again, so it’s probably just dependant on the time of day!

    • I did a test last night and sure enough the line was dark again. Then this morning before my beta I did another test and it was faded. My body seems to be back to front! I guess there’s nothing I can do except wait for my results now….

  3. I don’t know how it works, but I’ve been on the TTC forums long enough to know that some women get stronger positives in the evening, at least early on. A line is a line!

    • I’ve had faded lines 3 mornings in a row and strong lines 3 evenings in a row now. Guess my body is just super confused! Just wish those lines were getting stronger!!

  4. Don’t freak out here.. The same thing happened to me.. When my betas were doubling I was taking pos tests and they were doing the same thing as yours.. The next day my numbers showed they had doubled. I don’t think you can tell if a miscarriage is happening from pregnancy tests. Wishing you luck. Right now you are pregnant.

  5. A Calm Persistence is right, you can’t tell if a miscarriage is happening from pregnancy tests. My doctor told me this over and over again. As for the sticks in the evening, those are definitely positive. As far as the sticks in the morning, like my super fertile sisters always say, if there’s any doubt to the line, it means it’s positive. 🙂

    I think it just depends how long the urine has been in your system when you test. Maybe TMI, but do you pee a lot at night? If you do, this might be why your morning tests are fainter. I’ve definitely heard of women getting more strong positives in the evening, rather than morning. It just depends. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, etc. for you.

    • I don’t pee during the night and I get 7-8 hours sleep so the FMU is definitely concentrated. My body seems to be a bit confused this cycle!! I will find out my beta results this afternoon. Eeeeek!!

  6. i won’t chime in on the pee sticks, lots of good advice and knowledge above, but i will comment about the boobs. don’t worry about that either. they get really sore, they stop being sore, they become sore again. it’s normal. 🙂

    • Thank you that’s actually one of the things that’s worrying me most. That’s very reassuring to hear! I will find out my beta results this afternoon so I’m very nervous!

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