Advice needed!

Hey guys!

I’m back from my overseas vacation!

I promise to update you on my shitty Christmas and my amazing time in Malaysia in the next few days but right now I just need some advice…

I’m currently on day 5 of my fourth fully stimmed IVF cycle (yep I started a cycle as soon as we landed in Melbourne – super keen!) but I’ve come home from my holiday with an awful head cold.

For the past 48 hours in particular I’ve had a sore throat, fever, cough, headache and terrible blocked up nose.

I don’t know what it is but I always seem to get sick around my IVF cycles. Right before my first attempt I had temperatures above 40 degrees celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and severe vomiting. Before my third cycle I had pneumonia. But I’ve never actually been sick during a cycle. Not while I was injecting myself with FSH anyway.

Right now I’m panicking because I have no idea what affect my illness will have on the quality of my eggs and also because I don’t know what I’m allowed to take right now to make myself feel better.

I’ve been sleeping a lot and gargling with warm salty water but so many medications say “do not use while pregnant” and I don’t know whether that excludes me or not.

So here’s my questions for you all:

1. Is there even any point still bothering with this cycle? Will my sickness severely affect the quality of my eggs?

2. Can anyone advise what medication I can take at the moment to relieve symptoms? I’m dying here.

Thanks in advance!

I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs soon.

Sadie xx


12 thoughts on “Advice needed!

  1. first off, welcome back! it has been cold as fuck in canada and i am so jealous of you trip and overall global positioning at the moment.
    i wish i had some solid advice on this topic but i honestly think that illness and medications would not have a detrimental effect on your cycle. can you contact your dr. and ask, just to feel more at ease?
    feel better soon!

    • I’d like to say its good to be back but I think I might be lying. It’s so hot and lovely here right how I’d much rather still be on vacation! I asked my doctor and she doesn’t seem too concerned about my illnesswhich is good. Hopefully it won’t have too much effect.

  2. I didn’t get sick during IVF but I did get very ill during an IUI cycle last year that ended up in a pregnancy. The flu symptoms came on the day of insemination and my doctor said not to worry. I was prescribed something for my terrible cough about a week later but I just remember taking Benadryl for 1-2 days to help with my body aches and fever. I miscarried later and it wasn’t related to being sick. I know it’s a different situation since you are sick before the transfer but I wanted to share what happened to me. I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks for sharing your story it makes me feel a little better about my situation, even though it ended in such a sad way. I saw my doctor this morning and she isn’t too concerned either which is great. 🙂

  3. I would say benedryl is okay to take (and it will help you sleep, which in turn helps take your mind off stress. hehe) Also, everything is possible with God even when circumstances around us look crappy…so I say NOPE! You are NOT out this cycle!! Praying for ya girl!

  4. Hi Sadie!! Welcome back! I’m actually in the middle of my IVF cycle and am sick, sick, sick 😦 I have everything you have…headache, fever, stuffy nose, cough…blah 😦 Just what we want, while we’re sticking ourselves with needles and hormones too 😦 I’m seeing this though as a good sign…why not…might be lucky…one of these eggs might end up being our baby and I’m not giving up 🙂 It’s your choice though…go with your gut instinct…and best wishes for a successful cycle!!

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one in this position! Despite my sickness my husband still seems to think this is “the cycle” so I’ll be pressing forward unless the doctor tells me I can’t. Our bodies sure like to put us through hell don’t they…

  5. Silly thought, but maybe your body will be so focused on fighting the illness that you have, that it will leave your uterus alone and a nice, healthy baby will be able to implant and grow after a successful retrieval and transfer!!! **thinking sticky thoughts** lol!

    P.S. I’m the same way, Benadryl keeps me awake too! It’s the Red dye! LOL! FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!! ❤

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