A reverse squinter

This week I am home alone because Doug is away on business. When Doug isn’t here I have no one to kindly inform me when I am being crazy. Inevitably, this leads to bad things.

Tonight I suddenly thought to myself “What if my hcg levels are dropping and I don’t even realise it? That would be bad.”

Coincidentally I had a spare pregnancy test in the bathroom. I know I know what are the chances! I decided to give it a whirl even though it’s 7pm and I’ve had over 2 litres of water to drink today.

Holy shitballs it’s like a reverse squinter. The control line took so long to appear I thought at first it was a faulty test. In contrast, the thick test line appeared instantly. It was kinda freaky!


I really wish Clearblue Digital made an IVF version of their test that can give you hcg level readings instead of weeks past conception.

I’d love to see Pregnant: 2000+ appear in the little window and then Pregnant: 5000+ and so on and so forth up to some sort of acceptable number like 20,000. That could put all our minds at ease.

I would pay really good money for that kind of comfort. Even if it only had an accuracy of 87%. Who makes Clearblue Digital? Can’t someone send them a memo or something?

If only I ran the world…


7 thoughts on “A reverse squinter

  1. That’s great! It never got that way for me. I tested at the very end of my pregnancy (for a souvenir test – gross, I know lol) and it was about equally dark on both lines. Your test looks awesome!! I bet that was very reassuring. 🙂

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