One breath at a time

Just a quick update to let you all know I’m still alive and kicking.

I truly am so grateful for all of the wonderful messages of support I have received over the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been emotionally strong enough to respond but please know that I have read those messages over and over and drawn strength from them. I read them at 2am when I can’t sleep because they keep me from crying. You guys are so amazing.

I suppose I should fill you in on how I’m going…

I’m back at work now. The girls in my team have been fantastic. They bought me flowers, always listen to me and give me hugs when I cry. They even make sure I’m eating enough food to get through each day. Not a lot of food, but enough to stop me from passing out I guess. Sometimes they manage to make me laugh. Other times I catch myself smiling at something one of them says, and I am surprised that I am still able to feel anything except despair.

Work is the only place where I feel normal. It’s a space where my husband never existed, so it’s safe. I’m supported by my co-workers and I’m busy most of the day. Sometimes I have panic attacks and have to run to the bathrooms to cry. But mostly I’m coping during business hours.

At night time I am alone. Sometimes my brother is home (he works a 24 hour rotating roster at a hospital, so he’s often away in the evenings) but usually it’s just me and the dog.

It still feels so strange to exist in the space I shared with my husband,  except he is no longer with me. It’s almost like he died. Sometimes I pretend he has died,  and it feels a little less painful because I can imagine that he still loves me and didn’t leave by choice.

At least my family are giving me my own space now. I’m pretty sure they had me on suicide watch for the first week – there was someone with me in the house at all times and even my aunts and uncles and grandparents were taking turns to babysit me.

I have spoken to my husband 3 times since he left me. Always initiated by me. Always via text message. My messages to him have been very neutral and unemotional. I have only contacted him to ask about finances. I am proud of myself for not once caving in and texting him at 3am to say my life is empty without him. He has not asked me how I am or told me anything about where he is living or what he is doing.

He is being horrible and forcing me to pay 50% of everything including the credit card and mortgage. I guess it’s his right to do this to me, but he earns more than double my wage so by splitting everything 50/50 I am now flat broke and he would be saving stacks of money each week. The girls at work say I should get a lawyer involved but I can’t afford it and more importantly I really don’t want to start world war three. I couldn’t handle it emotionally.

I have been asked out twice in the past two weeks by two different men. I also went to a birthday party last week and was outrageously hit on by a male friend of the birthday girl. I felt so confronted by his flirting that I went to the bathroom and cried then immediately left the party.

The idea of being with someone who isn’t my husband makes me physically sick. At first I couldn’t understand why so many creepy guys were circling me like vultures. It’s been years since men drooled over me. Then I realised it’s because I have stopped wearing my wedding ring.

When I politely declined the first guy who asked me out he seemed shocked by my decision and said “Geez okay…but I really like you. You’re so attractive.”

I tried to remain calm and told him that I was sure he would find a nice girl who was actually available. He then looked at me like I was silly and replied “But you’re available?”

It couldn’t have hurt me more if he’d punched me in the gut and knocked all the air out of my lungs. It was one of the first times I’d left the house since my husband walked out and suddenly I was being told directly by some sleaze that I am now single and available. It was so incredibly hurtful.

What else? Oh yes I have applied for two better paid jobs. I am also looking for others to apply for. I need to earn at least 10-15 thousand extra a year to comfortably support myself. I know I will probably have to apply for dozens before I am successful, but two is a good start. Two job applications is better than no job applications. And it shows that the fog is slowly starting to lift from my brain to allow me to make logical decisions.

Other than that I don’t really have much to report. I eat when I can stomach food, I sleep when I manage to switch my brain off, I go to the gym for an hour every night just to get the temporary dump of happy endorphins. I am existing.

I promise to update again as soon as I feel able.

Sadie xx


10 thoughts on “One breath at a time

  1. I’m so glad to “see” you here-I was worried. I’m also glad that you’re feeling stronger. OF COURSE you’re not ready to date yet. Ignore those awful men. Just take care of YOU in whatever way you need to. As other bloggers have said to me (in much less important situations) take care of yourself. Above all that is what matters. And keep us posted. We all love and care about you here.

  2. hey sadie, i am very relieved to read this post. welcome back! (to the blog but more importantly to life xox). i am happy to hear you’re surrounded by wonderful women at work and i know you’re not interested in the dating scene at all but i personally am happy for you that men are interested as well 😉 good luck with the job applications! honestly though, i have a friend here that is going through an out of the blue separation and her husband is expecting an even split while he takes off and does what he wants (which turns out is men… :S) . that’s very wrong. i hope you’re thinking will change and you will seek advice from a lawyer. it will be to your benefit i’m sure. i’ll look forward to hearing another update soon xo

  3. I found your blog through A Calm Persistence. I commented on your last post, but it posted as Anonymous for some reason. Anyway… I wanted to say that it sounds to me like you are an incredibly strong woman. Going to the gym, going to social events on occasion, applying for jobs. I can imagine that these events are still clouded by pain and despair, but going through the motions until you start to feel OK is an amazing thing to be able to do.
    I’m sorry that your husband is being so childish and insensitive about the finances. It blows my mind that he hasn’t asked how you’re doing. He is obviously feeling very selfish at this time in his life and if he’s a good person, he will look back on this and at least feel regret for the way he left and the insensitive way he treated you. I give you SO much credit for being able to avoid the emotional texts/phone calls/e-mails. I know that would be hard for me.
    I’m so sorry you’re hurting. I can only hope this is one of those huge life events that seem wrong and terrible in the moment, but that leads to even greater happiness down the road.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you’re standing up on your feet again and feeling a little better. It’ll take a long time to get back to any kind of normal but you’re doing so well.

    Good luck for your job applications! I think it’s completely unfair of him to propose that you split everything 50/50 if you weren’t splitting them 50/50 before. He chose to leave, he should pay the same he did before. When you’re feeling better and even stronger I’d definitely recommend seeking advice from a lawyer – get everything you are deserved, and not a penny less.

  5. I’m so glad that you are starting to find your way again. I think you are incredibly strong already going back to work and birthdays, the gym, job applications etc. Those men who asked you out sound terribly insensitive! And your husband asking you to pay 50/50 is utter and complete nonsense. It sounds to me like he actually wants to keep you financially strapped. I don’t know why he would want that but then again, I still don’t get why he left in the first place so… I would definitely see if you can get a lawyer. I know they are expensive but I am sure they would be able to save you money in the long run.

  6. 50/50?! Sure it would make sense if you were equal earners, but that’s clearly not the case, and considering he left you and it was not mutual I’d say you have a very valid case. *hug* I hope you’re able to figure something out. I’ve been thinking of you often, feeling so angry on your behalf, but you are strong and resourceful and you will make it.

  7. Proud of you 🙂 little by little things will fall into place. You will find a new normal. You’re a survivor!

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