Something weird just happened

I just found a bottle of nail varnish in the back of a drawer in the kitchen.

It’s definitely not mine and it’s a brand I’ve never used before.

My brother’s girlfriend is staying over tonight so I went upstairs and showed it to her. She said it isn’t a brand she uses either and she’s never seen it before.

My mother doesn’t wear nail varnish, and I highly doubt my aunt or grandmother would have been painting their nails while they were babysitting me when I couldn’t get myself out of bed a few weeks ago.

To my knowledge there have been no other women in this house recently.

So…whose nail varnish is this?

And why was it shoved in a kitchen drawer?

And what do I do now?

I don’t even know how to feel about this. It could all just be a big misunderstanding.Β  Maybe someone brought it over for me as a gift and forgot to give it to me.

But what if that isn’t the reason?

What if it isn’t?

I am shaking right now, and yet I also feel numb. Yes, I think I just mostly feel nothing.

I’ve got the little bottle of varnish sitting on the shelf in my bathroom now. It’s actually quite a nice colour…

Maybe I should just paint my nails with it and move on with my life?

I don’t know what to do here. Opinions? Advice?


5 thoughts on “Something weird just happened

  1. Forget about it, paint your nails and move forward πŸ™‚ You may never know whose it is, it could all be innocent but it’s not worth thinking about.

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