Are you searching for my blog?

I have been noticing lately that someone is regularly searching for my full blog title and sometimes my name and location through google.

I have also noticed that on days when I get no hits from Australia, nobody has come here by searching for my blog title through google.

I am therefore going to assume the person or persons searching for my blog are Aussie (is there a way I can get any information to confirm this??)

If you are a friend or family member and you have somehow found my blog, can you please let me know asap? I honestly don’t mind if you are reading it. I would just like to know who you are. I promise I won’t be upset.

Likewise if you are a stranger who has been regularly searching for my blog through google please leave me a comment and let me know. You are more than welcome to read my blog whenever you like.

If nobody comes forward and let’s me know they have been searching for my blog I am going to assume that either my loving husband or his equally loving family have been reading.

And if that’s the case I’m going to have to seriously question whether or not to continue writing here. The last thing I need right now is to imagine my husband or those associated with him reading about my despair and heartbreak, and then laughing about it.

Please help me out and come forward if you can.


Sadie xx


19 thoughts on “Are you searching for my blog?

  1. I found out my ‘friends’ had found my blog the same way. Not saying that is what’s happening in your case, but it could be. And it really sucks. Had to password protect all my blog posts.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for everything you’ve been going through. You certainly don’t need anymore stress right now. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thank you how awful that your friends did that to you. I think I remember reading about it a little while ago. I’m really hoping it’s not the case here and my husband is leaving me alone.

  2. Sometimes I come to your blog by googling the name of it rather than go through wordpress, but I’m in the uk.

    Hope nobody is doing it maliciously, I’m sure not. Otherwise maybe password protect them and only give the password to other blogs you “know of”? I know a few other bloggers who do that (sadly lots of people try to find personal blogs) x

    • Its so pathetic if my husband has actually tried to find my blog (not that I think he has anymore now that so many lovelies have admitted to googling the name!) He has always known I blogged but was never told the blog name or allowed to read any of the posts. In the past he would tell me he didn’t want me writing about our personal lives and putting it online so we had a few disagreements about it.

      But if he has found my blog all he will find here are about 100 posts where I make him out to be some kind of saint and then a handful of posts about how much I miss and love him. Nothing much of interest here really. Certainly nothing he could be angry about as far as I’m concerned.

  3. I often google ‘young yet infertile’ – probably every day! But I do this with all the blogs I follow, usually check to see if there are updates from my fav blogs most days. I am doing it from the UK. I wouldn’t worry I don’t think your husband is reading it – your blog is popular so gets a lot of searches. If your family have no idea what it’s called they wont find it 🙂 Hope you are ok. x

  4. The day I commented on your post to post it to twitter for support I googled it bc my reader wouldn’t let me copy the link (I haven’t since then). Sometimes I do search blogs like that from my phone though bc it’s easier to find a specific person and not sort through the reader. Also, you can password protect any post. Maybe start there. But I totally get why you are concerned. I hope you don’t stop blogging.

  5. I do search for it sometimes through but Im in the US.
    I would definitely password protect; you’re going through enough without worrying about that as well.

  6. It might be me – I am a long time reader (I found your blog when googling medical info for me) and I’m in Australia. I do usually just google the blog name. Apologies!

  7. I google the name of your blog every time I pop in to read (I’m in the U.S.). I actually had a brain fart recently, and couldn’t recall the name of your blog. I did remember Sadie from Austraila. So, I googled infertility blog, Sadie, and Australia (or some combination like that) and I finally found it again. I didn’t realize that it’s possible to check if you’ve been googled. Learn something new everyday. Anyway, I hope you keep writing, you have a way with words. I am sorry about everything that is happening in your life right now and just know that you have a “fan” that is hoping and praying for your happiness.

  8. I only ever get to your through my WordPress Blogs I follow list. If you are worried about some lack of privacy, you could always password protect the site for a while and send the pword out to your readers. Don’t stop writing. It’s so therapeutic and you need that right now! Big hugs Sadie.

  9. I usually get to your blog through Feedly but googled it just the other day. I’m in the U.S. I’ve been reading for over a year and am thinking of you often with everything going on!

  10. I’m a U.S reader. I just recently found your blog after a google search. I’ve had a total of 7 miscarriages, ranging from 2008-2012 all but two were early first trimester losses. I think we can relate a lot, my husband too left me at the end of December of 2012 after our second IVF failed. I was just finally starting to heal when last month I found out he not only had a girlfriend, but he had a baby with her and the child was born on what would have been OUR first baby’s due date! I’m right there with you sweetie; I know how deeply it hurts. Trust me in time your heart will slowly heal. You still have time too unlike me, I’m almost 40. I’ll be praying for you.

  11. I found your blog on the 1st results page when googling puregon IVF.

    I have spent the afternoon reading through your journey and I am sorry for all your loss.

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