Haha nice one, troll!

It should go without saying but just so everyone is aware, the “Doug” who made that nasty comment on my last post was not my husband.

The comment came in at 3.30am this morning (eastern standard time) and at that stage I had no hits from Australia on my blog for the day.

Never mind the fact that my husband’s name isn’t actually Doug. I chose to use a pseudonym for him when I started this blog to protect his identity, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume he knows his own real name.

Plus if my husband really wanted to maliciously hurt me he wouldn’t do it by posting a bitchy comment on my blog. There are a million better ways for him to upset me. I’m actually going to give the guy some credit here and say that he’s definitely smart enough to know that.

Thanks for the laugh though, troll. Seriously I never laugh first thing in the morning anymore. You have truly brightened my day.

Sadie xx


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