We need to talk about toothpaste

Look I’ve just noticed that for the past few weeks a whole lot of people are reaching my blog when they search for information about an alleged toothpaste pregnancy test.

First of all I have zero idea how y’all are finding my blog through such a search because I’ve never written anything about using toothpaste. Nor will I ever.

Except for this post. I’m writing about it in this post. But this post doesn’t count!

Secondly I didn’t even know what a toothpaste pregnancy test was. I honestly had to google it.

Now that I know what it is…can I just say…it is silly.

The toothpaste pregnancy test looks about as accurate as using Drano or baking soda and mixing it with pee to determine the gender of your unborn child.

In other words not accurate at all! And frankly quite stupid.

Toothpaste isn’t designed to test for pregnancy, it’s designed to keep your pearly whites cavity free and your mouth smelling minty fresh.

For the love of God toothpaste isn’t meant to be peed on. Ladies…step away from the toothpaste if you feel the urge to pee.

Unless you want your urine cavity free and smelling minty fresh, in which case please proceed.

You guys realise you can just go to a dollar store and buy a cheapie pregnancy test that’s going to be substantially more accurate than toothpaste.

That may mean you get a proper result sooner, and access medical care earlier in your pregnancy which benefits both you and your baby in the long run.

So that’s it.

A public service announcement from Sadie.

Toothpaste and urine both go on sticks – but different sticks.

Keep toothpaste for toothbrushes and pee for pregnancy tests.

And stay classy mmmkay.

Sadie xx


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