I have a short legged baby…

I had my 30 week appointment today (even though I’ve just ticked over to 31 weeks).

As usual, I am measuring 2 weeks ahead.

Fundal height is 33 weeks. Baby’s head is measuring 33 weeks. Baby’s torso is 33 weeks. But baby’s legs are 30 weeks.
Baby’s legs were at 29 weeks at my last appointment 2 weeks ago. So legs have had 1 week of growth in a fortnight.

The doctor measured 3 times just to be sure and got 30 weeks for the femurs each time.

He said not to be worried. But…I mean…it’s me…so I am worried.

I know short femurs is a soft marker for down syndrome. But my Harmony test came back at less than 1 in 10,000 risk and my nuchal scan was less than 1 in 15,000 risk.

So what’s the deal here? Should I be worried about dwarfism?

My doctor says maybe she is just short. He said he will measure her again at 36 weeks and not to think about it until then.

I’m 5’4 but my dad and brother are both over 6 foot. James is 6’3, both his parents are tall and his sister is even 6 foot. What are the chances of me having a short kid?!

I am freaking out here you guys and imagining a tiny legged kid with a huge head.

What DEFCON level should I be at here?? Because I’m not going to lie I’m probably sitting at DEFCON 3 right now but will happily slide into DEFCON 2 if you tell me to.


10 thoughts on “I have a short legged baby…

  1. Both of my kids had measurements all over the place at my monthly growth ultrasounds. I honestly never worried too much about it because it’s terribly inaccurate. Even upon multiple measurements. I really wouldn’t worry. And that’s saying something because I worry about almost everything even though I know the Lord doesn’t want me to. Lol. But I really do think she is fine. 🙂

  2. Ultrasound measurements are almost always heavily biased on the eyes of the beholder. Meaning they can be all over the place and not super reliable. Don’t fret, Mama! I’d wait and see. Betcha she’s gonna be perfect.

  3. U/S measurements are SO subjective. With my 1st I had to have 2 weekly scans as LLC was measuring small (esp her femur measurements) and IUGR suspected…6 weeks later she had “caught up” and was on 50th for 36w, induction cancelled, weight given as 2.8kg … born 10 days later at 2.4kg ….. and is perfectly proportioned.
    Another sonographer then told me that there are so many factors that can affect the measurements – they are at best a guesstimate.
    So until baby is born – don’t initiate any defcons at all xx

  4. Oliver’s legs measured 2 weeks behind. From around 32-33 weeks. I was having weekly growth scans, high risk, etc. And the truth is, he’s a short boy. Not abnormally, by any means. In fact, he’s in the 82nd percentile for height. But, he started out around the 7th, and over his 21 months, he’s caught up pretty well. (I am short, 5’4″, my husband is 6′) Do not worry. She’s going to be just perfect!

    • Thank you!!! It’s comforting to hear this stuff. It’s so hard not to stress but I’m trying to remind myself that ultrasound measurements aren’t overly predictable.

      • I know! There is so much stressing. I understand. Relax as much as you can! She’s gonna be perfect!

  5. Oh God. I remember staring at the ultrasound measurements every time and freaking the fuck out (excuse my language). Everything for B always measured two weeks ahead, but his arms were always right on (but in my mind that meant behind). Take it for what it’s worth, which is nothing. B is what I like to call ‘growth spurty’. He was 10th percentile at birth and I asked my pediatrician relentlessly isle he was a dwarf. Talk about crickets. Then a few months in he jumped to 50 percent. Then hovered around 15-20 for a bit. Then 60 percent. And so on. And so forth. You just can’t tell from an ultrasound how tall the baby will be, and you can’t tell when they’re little for the most part – there are a few exceptions , obviously (my friends kid is three months behind b and a head taller, but his mom and dad are giants), but my point is that I am 99 percent certain your baby will be just fine! B has hung out at 60 percent for a few months now – something I never thought I’d see! Each kid grows differently and in different times; however, I do understand the fear and paranoia that overtake you each time you have an ultrasound. It never goes away, not even during subsequent pregnancies.

    For the record, they also told me b would be ‘a big baby!’. Like, almost nine pounds. Nope. Not even close. 7 lbs, 3 ounces. Ultrasounds are shit sometimes.

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