Why I’m keeping my kid’s name a secret…

Exhibit A:


(I guess it’s a good thing her name isn’t Rachel)

Straight after I received this message, the same friend messaged again to guess the name was Bethany. Then followed up with “no scrap Bethany it’s gross and old” so I suppose it’s also a good thing her name isn’t Bethany.

Surprisingly, this friend isn’t allowed any more guesses… 


4 thoughts on “Why I’m keeping my kid’s name a secret…

  1. We have a name for our boy, a name we chose about 6-7 years ago obviously not realising how long it would take us to get pregnant….then we had a girl….so now finally we get to use it. Haven’t told anyone – was out to lunch with a long time friend and she was talking about names she hates. Of course she mentioned “our” name, told me she “f’king hates it, like, LOATHES it”, especially when it’s spelled a certain way (there’s a couple of ways it can be spelled) and yep she meant our way….she was so vehement I did not know what to say.
    Would LOVE to be a fly in the wall when she finds out our babies name….. !
    Bloody people!!

    • You are kidding me!! I’m constantly paranoid something like that is going to happen to me. I wonder how your friend will react…

      I put my foot in my mouth once a few years ago – a friend told me they were originally planning to name their daughter Kate but that they’d changed their mind and chosen Abigail instead. It was still a few weeks until the birth and I was trying to be super supportive even though I had no real preference for either name so I just blurted out “oh Abigail is mucchhhhh nicer than Kate you made a good choice! I wouldn’t name my baby Kate! That’s such a boring common sounding name.” Well of course by the time the baby was born they’d changed their mind again and gone back to the original plan of Kate. I was mortified because I really do think Kate is a nice name but felt silly trying to explain that to her so I just avoided her for a while….

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