What is wrong with people?

About half an hour ago I filled up my car with fuel and then walked inside to pay.

“WOW!” said the lady behind the counter as soon as I entered through the automatic doors. “YOU ARE HUGE!”

“Um…” I replied, glancing around to see if anyone else was also inside.

Thankfully we were alone.

“Are you due this weekend? Easter baby?” the lady asked.

“No. I have six weeks left.” I said.

I actually have eight weeks left but I didn’t have the guts to tell her that.

“WOW!” She gasped again. “SIX WEEKS! You must have a huge baby in there!”

At this point in the conversation I was starting to feel really shit about myself but honestly didn’t have the strength to say so. My back was killing me and I was tired from a 10 hour work day and I didn’t want to deal with conflict.

“They’re guessing she will be around 10 pounds.” I muttered.

“Stand back from the counter so I can take a good look at you!” she instructed me.

For some unknown reason I actually complied with her request and stepped back for her to appraise me. I felt like a caged zoo animal.

“I just can’t believe how huge you are!” she gushed. “Is this your first baby?”

“Yes.” I replied meekly.

“Oh you poor thing!” she then sympathized. “You poor, poor girl you’re so small how are you going to manage to push that giant baby out?”

After that, much to my relief, she put the transaction through on the cash register and I was able to leave.

As I was walking out, she called out to me again.

“My prediction is that your baby will be born this weekend! You’re just too big for the bub to stay in six more weeks!”

Yeah…thanks lady…

Honestly I’m not upset I’m just a bit shocked that people seem to think it’s totally okay to say whatever they want to pregnant women. It’s happening to me every other day now.

Like everyone is entitled to their own opinion about my baby, especially complete strangers.

In other news…four day Easter weekend just started!

I have a date with my bed. We’re about to enter into a serious long term commitment. I may sleep for days. Pure bliss. Just me and my huge stomach…

Sadie xx


7 thoughts on “What is wrong with people?

    • Waiittttt….this is not your blog? You have 2 blogs?! Have I been following the wrong blog? Also have you ever noticed if you write the word blog too many times it starts to look really weird? Going to go and read this OTHER blog now!

      • I’m a bit of a blog addict…I think I have 4…but this is the newest one/most current one. …and yep, blog is a weird word!!!

  1. I will never understand why people think it’s ok to comment anything besides “you look beautiful!” to a pregnant lady. You would never say such mean things to anyone else!

  2. i’m sorry you have been getting unwanted comments. i think people just like to find some sort of way to interact, they don’t realize that some of their comments could be hurtful. i actually had so so many men talk to me while i was pregnant and a new mom. they loved to recount a story from when their kids were babies. which is nice and appropriate. commenting on your size or causing you undue anxiety is not appropriate at all. you should just start to call people out on it. they can say whatever the hell pops in their head, so can you! good luck. you stay in that bed ALL WEEKEND LONG girl. rest up, take care of yourself and baby. imagine you had your baby this weekend? haha 😉

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