Help a sister out…

WordPress is clearly too advanced for my intellect because I cannot figure out this password protection mumbo jumbo.

I did a password protected test post yesterday and whilst I could lock it down easily enough I couldn’t see where readers request the password? Nor did it seem to show up in the WordPress feed?

No point password protecting a post if nobody can request to access it…


Update: this is turning into a friggen nightmare! I’m just trying to share my maternity photos grrrr….

If you want the password to the blog post comment your email at the end of this post! If you don’t feel comfortable posting your email address on the internet let me know and I’ll delete it as soon as I see the message and send you the password.

The link to the protected post is here


30 thoughts on “Help a sister out…

  1. I think you need to create a separate post to tell people how to contact you for the password. Not very intuitive – I know. There may be an easier way but that’s how I’ve seen it done lots in the past.

  2. Haha it’s awkward isn’t it! I found the easiest way was to just go to a persons blog and leave the password in a comment on an old blog post and ask them to delete it after they read it. That may work if someone doesn’t want to give you their email.

    Mine is

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