Stratamark review

Still here. Still pregnant.

I’ve never reviewed anything on my blog before but as you all know the issue of stretch marks is a very sore point for me and I wanted to give some honest feedback on a “break through” product I tried.

I want to start by saying I was in no way sponsored or compensated to review Stratamark cream. And I’d like to add it’s a good thing I wasn’t paid because this is not a glowing endorsement of the product.

If you want all the official info on Stratamark you can find it here.

But let me just give you a quick rundown…

Stratamark is a “revolutionary” lotion which has been designed to prevent and treat stretch marks.

Unlike cosmetic and moisturizing products widely available in the shops like Bio Oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter, Stratamark is actually a registered medical device. It claims to be the only clinically proven solution to stretch marks.

According to Stratpharma, the company that developed Stratamark, the cream is easily applied, is clinically proven to prevent stretch marks from forming, reduces discolouration and redness associated with existing stretch marks, prevents itching, is totally safe for pregnancy and is highly efficient.

A clinical study conducted in Europe showed highly statistically significant results where only 18.2% of test subjects developed stretch marks instead of the consensus 65-70% of pregnant women.

The cream should be applied once per day or whenever the skin is washed so that Stratamark is in constant contact with the skin, and one 50g bottle is expected to last 2 months in late pregnancy.

This all sounds so amazing right?!

What’s not amazing is the price. A 50g bottle will set you back $100 (plus shipping). I paid $125 for mine once shipping was added, and I must warn you it did take several weeks to arrive as it came from Switzerland.

$125 is a large sum of money for someone like me who is a single-mama-to-be. But $125 is a small price to pay for 2 months worth of cream that will protect me from stretch marks.

Basically I was desperate and the cream sounded miraculous so I ordered it.

They say the cream should be used for 60-90 days to see full results. Well I used the cream for about 40 days before I cried and gave up.


Well the proof is in the photos…


The top photo was my belly when I started using Stratamark, and the bottom photo was taken just four weeks later.

This is just a comparison of the stretch marks on my lower belly and doesn’t show you that I had similar negative results on my hips, butt, thighs and my infamous chicken vagina.

As you can see THE CREAM DID NOTHING. After the last photo was taken the stretch marks continued to get much worse and I was so devastated I just gave up on Stratamark altogether.

Proven efficacy my ass. There’s dozens of new stretch marks in the bottom photo and no signs at all of them fading or flattening.

Since I’ve stopped using Stratamark I haven’t noticed any increase at all in the appearance of stretch marks – they are still appearing at the same rate and the same shade of red. Total waste of $125 of my hard earned cash.

I want to stress that I followed the application instructions extremely strictly and that cream was always in contact with my skin.

To be fair to Stratpharma, here’s some reasons why I think results may not have worked for me like they did in the European trial:

1. I live in a hot climate and only in the last week or two have things started to cool down. This meant that at night time I was sleeping in nothing more than a crop top and underwear whilst I sweated up a storm. The Stratamark cream may have rubbed off onto my bedding or I may have sweated it off.

2. I didn’t start using Stratamark until I was 29 weeks pregnant. It is recommended to begin using the cream in the second trimester to see the most effective preventitive results.

3. I didn’t use the cream for the full recommended 60-90 days. Mainly because it clearly wasn’t working, I’d almost run out and I couldn’t justify spending $125 on a second bottle.

Also…further to my first point, as I was showering up to 3 times a day in the summer heat I was having to re-apply the cream multiple times a day. This meant that I was going through my bottle 3 times as fast making it 3 times less cost effective than advertised. Seems like Stratamark is best suited to colder climates where people bathe less.

But my personal experience with Stratamark is negative, it left me extremely disappointed and I found it a waste of money. I wouldn’t recommend Stratamark to anyone based on my results.

I know that stretch marks are genetic but I found the clinical studies and the fact it was a registered medical device extremely alluring and thus trusted the company with my money more than I should have.

So there you have it.

Have you used Stratamark? Do you have an opinion or did you have a better experience than me?

Let me know!

Sadie xx


9 thoughts on “Stratamark review

      • Mine have started itching like MAD too and it’s driving me INSANE. So yes still pregnant. Hoping to go in the next 2 or 3 days! I am quite ready after today!!!!
        And as for all the rap out there that preys on the emotions of pregnant women…makes me so mad!

  1. It may be a good idea to give accurate info, Stratamark is a Gel, had you not used the Gel your stretch marks would probably be alot worse and finally to get the results you are looking for you need to use it until baby is born and at least 2 months post baby

  2. My friend recommended Stratamark, she had triplets and the Stratamark made a huge difference on her stretchmarks. I used the Stratamark after my 2nd baby and it helped to remove my first set of stretch marks (from baby #1) and it also helped prevent stretch marks after my 2nd baby and I was much bigger with my 2nd one. I was amazed as I tried many other products during my first pregnancy.

  3. Hi there.
    I live in Australia where the weather is constantly changing and when I fell pregnant in dec 2013 I knew I was going to have to start applying stretch mark prevention creams and ointments as my sister had a belly full of stretch marks, much, much worse than in the photos you’ve provided above. I began using Bio-Oil in the morning, Palmers Cocoa Butter in the evening and my regular unscented body hydration lotion. Yes, that’s right, I used three different products a day because I feared stretch marks. By the time I hit 34 weeks pregnant I had stretch marks forming. It was like 10 more marks would appear overnight! Before I knew it I gave birth (on my due date) and my belly and hips looked sore and red completely covered in stretch marks. The next day at the hospital a lady from a study group for Stratamark approached me asking if I would like to be involved in a hospital research program. Of course I obliged, I had nothing to lose so she gave me a free bottle of Stratamark. Over the next two months postnatal I used Stratamark as directed and saw instant results!!!! It doesn’t make the stretch marks go away but it makes them less significant in colour and size. I was still self-conscious about my belly but Stratamark definitely gave me a boost of confidence I didn’t think I would have. I’ve already recommended Stratamark to all my girlfriends, but I suggest you lather the stuff on 3 times a day.

    I hope my experience has helped you. Take care!

  4. Hey,
    So I am 33 weeks pregnant and have been using stratamark since I was 13 weeks. It was recommended to me by my obstetrician (she had used it personally) and my sister (skin specialist). I also had a skin cancer removed from my face last year and noticed that the stratamark ingredients were very similar to the ingredients in the scar gel that the plastic surgeon gave me for the scar on my face (which had 24 stitches and healed better than I’d expected). I started out just putting the gel on my belly and got a few stretch marks on each of my boobs fairly early on. I started putting the gel on those stretchmarks and I swear to god in two weeks they DISAPPEARED! They probably haven’t completely gone, but they have faded to the point that I can’t see them when I look for them in the mirror! In the last month or so I have got a few on my sides, where I had some from when I was a teenager. I hadn’t been putting gel there until then, so have started to now and hopefully those ones will fade too, altho they are worse than the boob ones were. I only have three little ones so far on my tummy, one on each of my laparoscopy scars (small scars from keyhole surgery) and my sister who is a skin specialist said that the skin on the scars is already weak and that’s why they’d be more susceptible to damage from stretching. So will be interesting to see what happens in the 5 weeks I have left as this is meant to be the time it grows the most!
    I hope your stretchmarks are better now that time has passed. I feel like despite what we do they are inevitable if we have the genes for them…xx

  5. Please describe the consistency of the product. Is it similar in consistency to ultrasound gel, or is it slightly tacky/sticky and runny with a cloudy white appearance?
    Does it dry kinda sticky or completely as if not there? Thanks so much!

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